Tiered Rate Calculators

Tiered shipping rate calculators, also known as table rates, are more complex than flat rate shipping calculators. Although they are more complex, they can also be far more accurate at calculating real-world shipping costs.

A tiered rate calculator sets a destination to a table of shipping rates based on a tiered variable such as item quantity or order amount. For any given destination, you can set up separate tables that determine the shipping rate based on an order factor like the quantity of items ordered. See the example tables below to see how a tiered item table can be setup.
In the example, ordering 1 item would result in a shipping cost of $5. An order of 3 items would also be $5. Ordering 7 items would cost $10 in shipping. Ordering 10, or 20 or even 100 items would have $15 in shipping costs.

A completely different rate structure can be set up for each destination providing comprehensive coverage and precision.

  • Item Quantity Tiers
    Using the Item Quantity Tiers calculator, destination rate tables are set up for different levels of item quantities being ordered. See the example above for details on setting up Item Quantity Tiers.
Rates by Item Quantity
1 item and above $5.00
5 items and above $10.00
10 items and above $15.00
  • Order Amount Tiers
    Order Amount Tiers uses destination rate tables based on the grand total cost of the entire order. Rates can be set at levels based on the total value of the order for each destination. Shipping to countries farther away would typically have higher rates, and destinations closer to the shipping location would have lower rates.
Rates by Order Subtotal ($)
$20.00 and above 10.0%
$50.00 and above 7.5%
$100.00 and above 5.0%
  • Order Weight Tiers
    Order Weight Tiers sets the shipping rate using destination rate tables based on the total weight of the entire order. The weight of the product multiplied by the quantity of the product being ordered is added together for the total order weight. The rate that matches the level of the total order weight is used to determine the shipping cost for the specific destination(s).
Rates by Order Weight (kg)
1kg and above €5,00
5kg and above €7,50
10kg and above €10,00
  • Percentage Amount Tiers
    The Percentage Amount Tiers shipping calculator uses table rates based on a portion of order subtotal specified by a percentage amount. The order subtotal is the result of adding all the item totals together. It does not include taxes, shipping or discount totals. Instead of setting a direct shipping rate amount, the shipping rate is determined by a percent value of the order subtotal. Using the example table, an order with a subtotal of $25 would result in shipping costs of $2.50. An order subtotal of $75 would have $5.62 in shipping costs. A subtotal of $250 would have $12.50 of shipping costs.

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