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Community Forums,

Help from your peers in the Shopp community.

Beyond documentation, the next step is to jump over to the Shopp Community Forums to ask other Shopp users. There are many people willing to help if you’re friendly and ask nicely.

Help Desk,

Official support from the Shopp Support Team by Ingenesis Limited. 
Open Monday thru Friday, 9am – 5pm Eastern.

If you’re running into problems and not getting anywhere with the documentation or the community forums, try creating a ticket on the official support Help Desk. The Shopp support team can handle any account issues on and Shopp troubleshooting you might need beyond the documentation and community forums.

The support Help Desk is not a training and education resource and cannot provide how-to/tutorial support for custom implementations. For that, you’ll need to ask on the community forums or subscribe to the WorkShopp Learning Center. See the Shopp Support Policy for a brief overview of support handled on the Help Desk.

Service on the Help Desk is first-come, first-served. Keeping that in mind there is nearly always a line of tickets (or people) waiting to be helped. Support tickets with a priority support credit will be helped first. Shopp users that own a developer key will be helped ahead of single-site access users.

The best way to get help fast is to follow some basic Help Desk guidelines:
  • Be specific. The more details the better. Include your hosting provider, server details, PHP, MySQL, WordPress and Shopp versions as well as the browser you use.
    Be patient. We are helping a lot of people. We have a small team helping a large group of users on very technical problems.
  • Be polite. Being mean doesn’t encourage us to help. We are human and make mistakes, but we really do want to help. Give our team the benefit of the doubt.
  • Be focused. Keep it to one problem or issue per ticket. A very challenging problem can hold up solutions for very simple issues.

Priority Support,

Be warned there is typically a large line of support issues on the Help Desk. If the problem you’re running into is critical or you simply don’t want to wait that long, you may want to cut in line by buying priority support credits from the Shopp Store.

Priority support is provided subject to terms and conditions for service. Be aware that not all issues can be dealt with using priority support. Priority service covers the same issues that Help Desk support service provides, but with the fastest response possible.

When you buy a priority support credit, the credit sits available to you to apply to an existing ticket, or to use when creating a new ticket.

To use a priority support credit:
  • Login to the Help Desk:
  • Click the Ask the Support Team a question button or select one of your open tickets.
  • Below the text box for entering your message, select the priority menu to apply your priority credit.
  • Click the Send button to apply the credit and send your message.

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