Shopp is extremely customizable. The look and feel is completely customizable theme template files that can be built upon or completely rewritten for a totally new shopping experience. This flexibility allows you to integrate your online store with the look and feel of your WordPress theme for a seamless browsing experience.

You’ll need to be familiar with industry standard technologies such as XHTML, CSS and some basic PHP to edit Shopp theme templates. Understanding how WordPress themes work can help a great deal too. The theme template files make use of the Theme API tags fully documented on the API Reference site. For full tutorials on how to customize the theme templates consider a short-term subscription to the WorkShopp Learning Center.

If you’re not comfortable editing XHTML, CSS and PHP, and still want to customize your Shopp installation, you can search online or take a look at the Shopp Professionals Directory to search for qualified Shopp professionals to help you.

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