Finding Help

The network of documentation websites provide a great deal of help. Depending on what you need help with there are specific documented resources available to you.

Online Documentation,

The getting started overview of Shopp’s features for store owners, customer service personnel or anyone wanting to learn how to use Shopp effectively.

The online documentation is an up-to-date version of this User Guide, but formatted as a website. Everything in this guide is mirrored in the online documentation, but the online version will always have the most updated information.

Knowledge Base,

A collection of troubleshooting articles with solutions to common issues.

The knowledge base is constantly updated by the Ingenesis Limited support team with solutions to common problems, configuration issues, plugin and theme compatibility information and descriptions of all of Shopp’s built-in error messages along with some of the errors from add-ons.

API Reference,

An exhaustive reference for all development and template tools in Shopp.

The API reference site includes a complete guide to all the Developer API functions, filter hooks, action hooks and the Theme API tags used in the template files.

Coming Soon

The WorkShopp,

The learning center is a portal of premium tutorial articles and videos.

The WorkShopp provides access to tutorials and video walkthroughs that include how-to walkthroughs on every facet of the platform for every level of user from just starting out to experienced developers looking to learn how to fully leverage the development platform of Shopp.

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