Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Merchant Support Key and Developer Support Key purchase?

A Shopp support key provides you with access to updates from for the core Shopp plugin and Shopp add-ons purchased from In addition you will have support services provided by the official Shopp Support Team on the Help Desk.

  • Merchant Support Key
    Receive official support and updates for up to two activated sites plus exclusive community forums acccess.
  • Developer Support Key
    Receive support and updates for an unlimited number of sites, plus exclusive access to the developers forum, bleeding-edge releases and a suite of select developer plugins.
  • Developer Support Key (Upgrade)
    You may upgrade to a Developer Support Key from a Merchant Key for a discounted upgrade cost, and in addition, your key expiration date is extended an additional year from the date of your upgrade purchase. Only one Merchant Support Key can be upgraded to a Developer Support Key (multiple Merchant Support Keys cannot be combined for extra discounts).

I’m having problems getting Shopp to activate. Where can I find help?

Most of the known issues that cause this are from things outside of Shopp, like your web hosting setup, plugin or theme conflicts. Take a look at the Knowledge Base troubleshooting articles for details.

Is technical support free?

No. At a minimum a Shopp access key must be owned by the customer to receive access to technical support. In addition, there are upgraded paid support options. If you have a technical support issue that is time sensitive, such as if you have a deadline looming or an emergency, you will need to use our paid support option.

  • Documentation
    Shopp has a network of documentation websites you can make use of including the Online Documentation (this manual), the Knowledge Base, API Reference and the WorkShopp.
  • Help your peers
    Many other Shopp users may be experiencing the same issues as you. The Community Forums are available to talk through issues together. The Community Forum should also be used for development and how-to discussions, as this is outside the scope of the basic troubleshooting support provided on the Help Desk.
  • Ask the Support Team a Question
    There is also official support providing basic troubleshooting assistance from the Help Desk support team. Non-priority official support from Ingenesis Limited is available for finding, diagnosing and fixing problems. Please be aware that the support team will not answer how-to or development questions! See the official Support Policy for more information. The Help Desk support team is accessible at by going to the Support site, logging in (very important), and clicking the Ask the Support Team a question button. The Help Desk support team is literally dealing with hundreds of issues at the same time, so you should imagine that you may be standing in a long line with many other people with a little piece of paper that has the number 101 written on it. The Help Desk shows a real-time estimate of the current response times for new tickets. The response time estimate can give you an idea of what the current support load is. If these numbers horrify you, there is a red carpet nearby, leading toward our paid priority support services. There is barely anyone standing in that line. A priority support credit is your ticket to line jump. Don’t feel guilty about using it!
  • Paid Support Options
    Finally, our paid Priority Support services are available for time-critical technical support incidents. This is the only service that offers guaranteed, fast, and first-priority technical support response. You will never wait more than 1 business day for a priority response, guaranteed, and most are handled the same day, within hours. To get priority support, first purchase a support credit, and login to the support site (very important). Then click the Ask the Support Team a question button and start filling out your trouble ticket message. Below your message, change the ticket priority and apply your priority credit from the ticket priority menu before submitting your support incident. Once you have applied your credit to your incident on the Help Desk, our Priority Support team will immediately be paged to let them know about your incident, and they will spring up to answer.

Does Ingenesis Limited have a customer service number for Shopp purchases?

Yes, but it is only for customer service related to orders placed on the Shopp Store, not technical support. You can call our customer service number toll free at +1 (888) 977-4662. The number is automated, and not a full-service call center. You will need to leave a message and someone from Ingenesis Limited will return your call to answer your request.

This line is not staffed. You will be reaching a voicemail box for the company. Please allow up to one business day for a response. We operate Monday thru Friday, 9am – 5pm Eastern Time.

This is not a technical support hotline. Please understand that we do not offer phone technical support. We will not respond to messages left for technical support. If you are in urgent need of technical support, purchase a priority support credit, and apply it to your issue on the Help Desk forum.

Who develops and maintains Shopp?

Shopp was originally developed by Jonathan Davis of Ingenesis Limited. Ingenesis Limited currently focuses on Shopp development as its primary business focus.

Ingenesis Limited
P.O. Box 2846
Springfield, Ohio 45503

Can I get access to your forums and documentation before I buy?

Our entire network of documentation is freely accessible by the public, although there are some pro articles on the WorkShopp that may require payment to access. The community forums are only accessible to members that maintain an active Shopp support key. Feel free to ask a specific pre-sales question on our support site. We have a refund policy, if you feel Shopp hasn’t lived up to its reputation.

Is there a 30-day trial/evaluation version?

No, we do not offer an evaluation version, but we do have a refund policy if you are not satisfied with Shopp. Also, you can checkout our live Shopp Demo, and even login to the admin to experience the store administration features.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, there is. Please see our sales and refund policy.

How do I find out if my hosting provider will support Shopp?

Review the System Requirements of Shopp to start. You can install the Shopp Requirements Check plugin to automatically detect if your web hosting environment will work for Shopp. The Shopp Requirements Check plugin can be downloaded from the Shopp Community Plugins directory on

The following hosting providers are known to meet the basic technical requirements of Shopp, but haven’t yet been tested fully for compatibility: BlueHost, DreamHost, and HostGator.

Which version of Shopp should I purchase for a WordPress Multisite/network install?

For Merchant Support Key purchases, note that we will only support up to two web sites for updates and technical support. If you would like updates and technical support for multiple web sites at the same time, you will need a Developer Support Key.

Can I upgrade from a Merchant Support key to Developer Support Key for Shopp?

Yes, you can upgrade one Merchant Support Key to a Developer Support Key. To do so, login to your Shopp Store Account and click Support Keys from the menu to the right. Locate the Merchant Support Key you wish to upgrade and click the Upgrade button. After purchase, the key will be converted to a Developer Support Key and will then be able to be activated on multiple sites at the same time.

Can I use more than one Merchant Support Key to further discount my Developer Support Key Upgrade purchase?

No, multiple Merchant Support Keys cannot be converted into a single Developer Support Key.

Can I use Shopp on my development or testing site without purchasing an additional key?

Yes, you can use the plugin on your testing/development site without activating your key. If you need support and updates on your test/development site before going live, you may activate your key on the test site. Before launching, be sure to deactivate the key on the test site before moving it to the live website.

Is purchase one-time, or will I have to pay to upgrade?

Shopp is free-speech, free-cost software. Support keys provide access to convenient upgrade services and official support team services provided by Ingenesis Limited. Shopp add-ons are commercial products with access to updates and official support team services provided by Ingenesis. All products sold on the Shopp Store provide upgrade, update access and support team services for up to a year after purchase. To continue to recieve support and updates you will need to renew your support key and add-on purchases.

Do I need to buy add-ons for each site if I have a Developer Support Key?

No, you need only buy one copy of payment, shipping, or storage add-ons if you have a Developer Support Key.

Does Ingenesis Limited offer custom development services?

If Ingenesis has development time available in the schedule, yes, though it is not a primary business focus. Ingenesis bills out custom development consulting at a rate of $200 USD per hour.

Can you develop support for my payment processor?

Our currently supported payment options are prominently listed on the Shopp Store. If your payment option is not listed here, Ingenesis can develop it for you, provided that your bank or payment processor has a publicly accessible programming API documented on their site. If you can do the footwork of getting this information from your bank or payment processor, as well as testing account information, it will go a long way toward getting it done. We cannot give you time estimates on completion, so if time is of the essence, you may need to inquire about paid development services.

Do you have an affiliate or partners program?

No, we do not currently offer an affiliate program.

  1. how can i get Single-Site Access Key for my site? I have plugin that me bought from your site. But need to get key.., how can i get this?

    February 10th   #

  2. The key will be listed on your order receipt that you received via email. Alternatively, you can login to your Shopp Store Account and access your orders from your order history. The orders in your order history will also show the key.

    July 5th   #

  3. Who do I contact when I cannot log into support or the community forums?

    October 11th   #

  4. You can reach out to for help getting help.

    November 7th   #

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