Conditional Taxes

Tax Settings ConditionalsIn some cases you may need to support multiple tax rates that apply on specific products depending on conditions other than the geography of the customer. Shopp has support for conditional rules to apply different tax rates.

To add a conditional rule, click the plus button next to the country/state menus. Shopp tax rates can conditionally apply based on 4 criteria:

Remember that it is possible to have two categories with the same name.

  • The name of the product
  • A name of a category the product is assigned to
  • A name of a tag assigned to the product
  • A customer type

You can specify multiple conditional rules and match any of the conditions specified or require matching all conditions. In the case of multiple tax rates applying at the same time, the most specific tax rate to match will apply.

To add additional conditions for the tax rate, click the plus button on the right of the last condition.

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