Tax Rates

Tax Rate Editor

For the most basic tax needs, simply set a tax rate, select the country, and, if needed, the state (or province) the rate applies to. For example, enter 5 for 5% (5 percent), or 0.5 for 0.5% (one-half percent). This sets the base tax rate for the selected location. In the shopping cart after the shipping estimate form is completed or during checkout after the shipping address is completed, the sales tax for the order will be calculated based on the rate that applies.

To set a tax rate:
  1. Login to your WordPress admin and navigate to the ShoppSetupTaxes screen.
  2. Click the Add Tax Rate button, to open the tax rate editor.
  3. Enter the desired Tax Rate percentage.
  4. Select the target tax jurisdiction, which defaults to All Markets. Tax rate jurisdictions are limited to the target markets selected in the Shopp Setup admin page.
  5. For some countries, for example the USA, you can additionally choose a state/province.
  6. Click the Save Changes button to complete the tax rate setting.

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