Category & Tag Pages

Similar to product pages, category pages and tag pages have permalink structures that are generated for them by Shopp. The pretty permalink for category and tag pages are also based off of the storefront page slug.

Product tag group pages use a similar pattern, except replacing the “category” name with “tag.”

Just as with product pages, the category and tag pages use the storefront page as their base. This keeps consistency across the website by ensuring the same heading, footer, navigation and sidebars are used. That also means that products, categories and tags all use the page template defined for the storefront page (page.php by default) as the placeholder page.

The content area of the page is then defined by the Shopp template file, category.php. As with products, you can set up custom templates for categories and tags. For details, see the Theme Templates section for details about the category Shopp template file.

  1. How do I rearrange the categories?

    June 28th   #

  2. Unfortunately, WordPress has no built-in system to support “organizing” the categories. Shopp used to support this prior to switch to custom post types and custom taxonomies.

    September 5th   #

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