Custom Categories

Custom categories that you create are hierarchical. This means that each category can have one or more subcategories, or children. Products can be assigned to one or more categories at the same time.

In the Product Editor, use the Category panel to assign the current product to custom categories you’ve created. By default, it is located directly below the Save panel.

Click the checkbox or the category name to assign the current product to one or more of the custom categories you’ve created in your catalog.

You can add categories that don’t currently exist right from the product editor.

Catalog Categories product editor panel

To add a category in the product editor:
  1. Click the New Category button.
  2. Enter a name for the new category in the text field that appears.
  3. Select a parent category (if needed) to make the new category a child.
  4. Click the Add button to create the category.
  5. The newly created category appears in the category list above and is automatically selected.

From the Category Editor, categories can be set up with predefined templates for product details and variation options, which can be used in the Product Editor to assist in speeding up data entry. Assigning a product to a category that has template presets will automatically copy those templates into the product (if they do not already exist). This will cut down on some of the effort needed to create many products that share a common set of details and variation options.

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