Product inventory is managed primarily in the product editor. To use inventory tracking, you will need to enable inventory tracking for the product, variant or product add-on. Inventory tracking is only available for Shipped and Virtual products.

You must enable the Track Inventory setting in the Shipping Settings before Shopp will automatically reduce inventory during sales.

To enable product inventory tracking:
  • Edit a product.
  • Scroll to the product Pricing panel.
  • Locate the price line editor for the product, variant, or product add-on you want to enable inventory tracking on.
  • Click the box next to the Inventory heading to enable the inventory tracking fields.
  • Enter the available stock for the product.
  • Provide a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) code that you use to track the product.
  • To update a product’s stock levels:
  • Edit a product.
  • Scroll to the product Pricing panel.
  • Locate the price line editor for the product, variant, or product add-on you want update.
  • Enter the available stock for the product in the Stock field under the Inventory heading on the far right.

Inventory Manager

Bulk Inventory Updates

When products have inventory tracking enabled you can also more quickly manage and update stock levels for multiple products and even product variants in the Product Manager. In the Product Manager, an Inventory view will become available automatically when products in your catalog have inventory tracking enabled.

Product Views Menu

Clicking the Inventory view link from the Product Manager admin page will provide an inventory management screen for rapidly entering stock levels for products and product variants.

Enter the new stock quantity in the field under the Inventory column. Clicking out of the field or moving to the next field automatically saves the inventory change for that
Inventory updates set the new level used for low inventory notifications and the low inventory dashboard feature.product to the catalog in the background.

To enable inventory tracking:
  1. Log in to your WordPress admin and navigate to ShoppSetupShipping.
  2. If shipping calculations are enabled, click the Settings submenu link at the top of the page.
  3. Check the box labeled Track Inventory.
  4. Click the Save Changes button.

Low Inventory Notices

In the shipping settings in Shopp, you are able to set a catalog-wide low inventory level for products you keep in stock. In the Shopp Admin menus under SetupSystem, you can turn on Low Stock Notifications to get email notices when a product in your catalog reaches the low stock threshold. This will help you keep track of products in your inventory that need to be restocked, before your run out.

Low Stock Threshold

If you would like to adjust the threshold where Low Stock Notifications are sent, you can change the setting in the Shopp Admin menus under SetupShipping. To adjust the setting, click the Settings link at the top of the Shipping Settings page, and scroll to the Low Inventory setting. Set the percentage of your initial stock levels for which you would like to receive a Low Inventory Notice, and click the Save Changes button for the change to take effect. Now, if you have sold enough of any product that the stock in inventory falls below this threshold, a notification email will be sent.

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