Managing Products

Shopp product management screen

Building your catalog begins in the WordPress Admin in Shopp’s Product Manager. Using the WordPress Admin menus, navigate to the Shopp menus and select CatalogProducts to access the product manager.

From here you can add new products and edit or delete existing products.

The product manager has several views for finding products in your catalog.

  • All shows all products in the catalog.
  • Published shows products that are publicly accessible on the storefront.
  • Drafts shows products that are not yet published to the storefront.
  • On Sale shows products that have an active sale price or promotional discount that applies.
  • Features displays products that are marked to be featured.
  • Bestselling shows all products ordered by products that sell most often to products that sell least often over the entire lifetime of the store. It also displays product sales information including total quantity sold and gross sales amounts.
  • Inventory is a view that is only available when the Inventory Tracking setting is enabled under the ShoppSetupShippingSettings screen. It shows the current stock levels for all products and product variants in the catalog. The inventory views provides a quicker way to view and update stock levels for all products.
  • Trash shows products that have been moved to the trash to be deleted. You can move products back out of the trash or delete them permanently.

Add a New Product

Add new product button In the product manager, click the Add New button next to the Products title at the top of the page.

Admin bar, New Menu

Admin Bar

Alternatively, you can use the shortcut in the WordPress Admin Bar at the very top of the screen available on any screen in the WordPress Admin. From the Admin Bar select NewProduct.

Either of these actions will bring you to a blank Product Editor where you can begin building your product.

  1. How can i change the order of the products? I don’t want an automated function, but a manual way to change it. Now it’s just alphabetical?

    September 17th   #

  2. You can arrange the order of products on a per-category basis by editing the category and clicking the Arrange Products button. See the Arrange Products section at the bottom of Managing Custom Categories article.

    October 15th   #

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