Product Images

You can upload multiple images for a product.

To add new images to the product:
  1. Click the Add New Image button
  2. Select an image file from your computer
  3. Click the Select button to begin uploading
  4. When the image has finished uploading and processing, a thumbnail of the image will appear

If your store settings are set to sort product images in a custom order, then the first image (top-left) becomes the default cover image for the product. Click-and-drag the images around to reorder them and set a new cover image (when using the custom product image order).

  1. All of a sudden my product images are no longer using the image that is most left, the first image, as the main product image when browsing through the products. I’ve adjusted the presentation of the images in the setup section but they are still not displaying the first image as the main image. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

    May 19th   #

  2. This seems related to MariaDB usage. Code has been adjusted.

    March 28th   #

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