Product Pages

Products in your catalog automatically get a product page and product page URL generated for them.

The URL generated for your product is called the product permalink3. The structure of the product permalink is determined primarily by whether you are using the default WordPress permalink setting, or a “pretty” permalink URL structure.

A product permalink using the default permalink settings uses cryptic variable names and values to identify what product page to load.

Using a pretty permalink structure will change the product permalink into a more natural URL format using slugs to generate the complete address.

When Shopp builds a product permalink, it will use the same structure no matter what the pretty permalink structure (any setting other than default) is set to in WordPress. A product permalink in Shopp is generated from the WordPress website’s main address (“” from the example above), the slug for the storefront homepage (“shop””) and the slug for the product (“example-product”).

When accessing a product by its permalink, a product page is loaded. The product page is generated on-the-fly using layout instructions provided by your theme and Shopp template files. The storefront pages use your WordPress theme’s page.php template file.

Your developer can also create a custom theme template file that will be used instead of page.php for all storefront pages, by creating a shopp.php theme template file. For more information on Shopp theme templates, see the Theme Templates section.

The storefront page acts a placeholder page where Shopp-specific information about the product is displayed. This allows the Shopp product pages to use the same page heading, navigation, sidebars and footer as the rest of the site.

The layout for a product specific information is defined in a Shopp template file named product.php. There are built-in templates for Shopp ready for use when you install Shopp, but it is also possible to create custom Shopp template files. See the Theme Templates section for more details.

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