RSS Feeds

Real Simple Syndication (RSS) is a technology used by WordPress and other web applications to create a simple format for exchanging information between sites and for use with reader programs. RSS uses a structured language for creating an information feed that can be “syndicated”, or broadcasted to other sites.

Shopp writes a link tag on each product collection page identifying the RSS feed.

Shopp adds RSS feeds to your site to be used dynamically on other sites. Each smart collection, custom product category, and product tag collection in your storefront has an RSS feed. For sites that are using a rewrite URL structure, each product collection’s RSS feed adds feed to the end of the web address.

For example, if you have a custom product category named Men’s, the product category page might be:

The RSS feed for the Men’s product category could then be:

For example, if you have a product tag collection named “action”, the product collection page might be:

The RSS feed for the product tag collection page could then be:

A pre-programmed collection, such as the catalog products collection, might be:

The RSS feed for the above preprogrammed collection, might be:

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