Shopp’s built-in search uses custom Shopp Search Engine technology to power the search results. Results from a search are collected into a smart collection named Search Results that displays like any Shopp category would.

The Shopp Search Engine relies on a content index. The index allows Shopp to quickly locate products using natural language and keyword-based searches. The index is generated automatically as you create and edit products in the system.

When Shopp indexes a product, it captures and makes the following product content elements searchable:

  • Name
  • Summary
  • Description
  • Specs (names and their values)
  • Tags
  • Category names
  • Variant labels
  • Add-on labels
  • Pricing

The search engine in Shopp performs two searches simultaneously. First it searches using natural-language searching, enhanced with an English word stemmer to improve recall of results. It also does a fuzzy boolean logic search to further improve recall of even more results.

The search engine in Shopp also allows shoppers to find products using price matching.

watches $50

Entering a search with a search keyword and a price finds all the products matching the terms provided around the given price. That includes finding products above and below the given price, but close to it.

ring >$99

Using greater-than (>) or less-than (<) with a price will allow searching for products priced higher or lower than the given price.

games $10-$35

Products can also be found in a price range by separating a low price amount and high price amount with a hyphen (-) in the search.

Shopp’s search does rely on technologies that can be affected by hosting provider database system configuration. As such, some searches may not work as expected on all hosting providers. The most prevalent configuration limitation will prevent searching word or word-fragments of 3 characters or less.

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