Smart Collections

Smart collections are preprogrammed to collect products automatically. There are several smart collections built-in that can be used to display special groups of products:

Catalog Products

Displays every product that is published to the catalog.

New Products

Shows the newest products published to the catalog.

Featured Products

Includes products that have been flagged as a featured product.

On Sale Products

Products that have any discount pricing applied to them show up in this collection.

Bestseller Products

Shows the top-selling products from the storefront based on past product sales.

Tag Products

Finds products that have been tagged with a specified tag.

Related Products

Collects products that relate to a target product using the tags assigned to products.

Also Bought Products

Collects products that relate to a target product using similar customer purchases.

Recently Viewed Products

Shows products to the shopper that they recently viewed.

Random Products

Pulls random published products from the catalog.

Promo Products

Gets products that a specific catalog promotion applies to.

Search Products

Finds products in the catalog that match specified search terms.

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