Storefront Pages

Shopp uses dynamic storefront pages to display store content to shoppers. These pages allow the look and feel of your WordPress website’s theme to wrap around the storefront content including products, product categories, product collections, the shopping cart, checkout form and customer account dashboard.

PageUsed for…
StoreDisplaying storefront product catalog content such as product collections and products detail pages.
AccountDisplays the account pages including account login, account dashboard menu and account dashboard sub-pages.
CartDisplays the shopping cart page.
CheckoutDisplays the checkout form.
Confirm OrderDisplays the confirm order page to confirm changes to an order. This page is usually only displayed in special circumstances such as before submitting the order to an offsite payment processor, or when the totals (like shipping & taxes) from the shopping cart change because of updated billing address or shipping address information.
ThanksShown at the end of the checkout process when the order is successful.

Changing the catalog page slug will change the base website address for everything else in the store: products, categories, the cart and checkout pages.

You can change the Shopp page titles and even the URL slug in the WordPress Admin menus under ShoppSetupPages. All the storefront page website addresses are based upon the catalog page.

Normally Shopp is set up so that the catalog page uses shop as its page slug. So any of the other storefront pages, such as the shopping cart page will use a web address similar to:

If the page slug for the catalog page is changed to store the web address for the shopping cart page would change to something like this:

A product named WordPress T-Shirt that has a slug of wordpress-t-shirt would have a web address similar to:

A category named Apparel with the slug apparel would have a website address similar to:
  1. Shopp pages settings do not point to real pages, they are a mapping to what the dynamic pages should be.

    Old pages can be deleted if not done in upgrade.

    April 4th   #

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