The Product Editor

The product editor in Shopp is a collection of tools for building and managing a products in your catalog. Learning to use it effectively is key to efficiently manage your online storefront.

The product editor includes the following editing tools most of which are organized into editor panels: The product editor

  • Name
  • Description
  • Save
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Settings
  • Summary
  • Details & Specs
  • Images
  • Pricing
Customizing the Editor

Similar to the WordPress post or pages editor, the panels in the Shopp product editor can be collapsed by clicking the down arrows ▼ at the top-right of each panel (or anywhere on the panel title bar. Panels can also be reorganized using drag-and-drop to move them around. Click-and-drag on a panel’s title bar to move the panel to a new location in the editor. Panel positions and collapsed panels are saved and will stay that way for your login only. Other authorized users will be able to customize the appearance of the product editor for themselves.

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