A great way to add content to the layout of your website is with WordPress Widgets. Widgets display content from WordPress that can fill areas of your website layout designated as Widget Areas in your WordPress theme.

Themes that do not have support for one or more widget areas cannot use Shopp widgets.

Shopp has a number of widgets that can add Shopp storefront content to your theme’s Widget Areas. Widgets can be managed from the Widgets screen in your WordPress Admin under the AppearanceWidgets menu.

The Available Widgets panel on the left side includes a list of widgets that can be added to your theme’s Widget Areas. The different Widget Areas defined by your WordPress theme are shown to the right of the Available Widgets panel.

Shopp adds several widgets that can be used to add storefront content into the layout of your site, including:

  • Shopp Search
    Adds a search form that allows shoppers to search your Shopp product catalog.

  • Shopp Product
    Adds a widget to include on or more products from a custom category or smart collection.

  • Shopp Account
    Adds a customer account management menu providing links for the customer to access their order history, manage their profile details, change their password, or access purchased downloads. When the customer is not logged in, the Shopp Account widget will show a login form in place of the account management menu.

  • Shopp Cart
    Adds a summarized shopping cart to a widget area providing an at a glance reminder of the current contents of the customer’s shopping cart. By default it shows the number of items in the cart and the total cost of the items.

  • Shopp Categories
    Adds a navigational menu displaying a list of Shopp category links to a widget area.

  • Shopp Category Section
    Like the Shopp Categories widget, displays a navigational menu of category links for all categories related to the current category by sharing a common base category.

  • Shopp Faceted Menu
    When a customer is viewing a custom product category that has faceted menus enabled, this widget will display a drill-down navigation menu for filtering products by shared product attributes.

  • Shopp Tag Cloud
    Adds a weighted list of links for the most frequently used product tags.

  • Shopp Recent Shoppers
    Adds a configurable listing of your most recent customers to a widget area.

To add a widget to one of your widget areas:
  • Simply click-and-drag a widget from the Available Widgets panel on the left to one of the theme’s Widget Area panels on the right.
  • You can click-and-drag the widget to move it above or below any existing widgets in that area.

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