Affiliate Royale

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Add a complete affiliate program to your WordPress+Shopp website. Affiliate Programs are critical to successful online businesses. They used to be expensive, complicated to setup and even more difficult to manage… Not anymore.

  • Launch your affiliate program in a matter of minutes
  • Monitor affiliates’ clicks, sales and payments
  • Maintain your brand with your own Banners and Links
  • Drive more traffic to your site from your Affiliates
  • Increase revenue with more sales!
  1. This didnt seem to work with the Shopp plug in. Im working with the team from Affilate Royale at the moment but they cant seem to deliver an answer 🙁

    August 9th   #

  2. Jamie did you ever get an answer from Royale Affiliate?

    September 5th   #

  3. I’m Blair, the creator of Affiliate Royale … We did have a few customers who were having issues with Shopp 1.2.+ … I wanted you to know that we just issued a release of Affiliate Royale (our 1.2.1 release) that fixes all of the issues associated with Shopp 1.2.+ that have been reported. We’ve been working with the Shopp team to make sure that we don’t have these types of issues in the future either.


    November 7th   #

  4. I purchased a developer copy of Affiliate-Royale 1.1.5 about a year ago and am just now trying to use it with Shopp 1.2.9 and WP 3.6.1. Sadly, when I try to activate the plugin, it throws a fatal error.

    Because of the time frame, there doesn’t seem to be a way for me to upload the current release to try again. Possible a great plugin, but compatibility issues / errors don’t allow for me to know this.

    October 8th   #

  5. Was able to get the plugin updated for version 1.2.9. This not only works, but it may be the best 3rd party plugin available for Shopp. Kudos to the developer!

    October 16th   #

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