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  • Download the file
  • Decompress the archive
  • Upload the *.mo file to your .../shopp/langs/ directory
  • Edit your wp-config.php file and add the following line:
  1. Hi,
    do you know how I can continue this translation ? Because my customer wants a total translation of the plugin, and I would like to finish it, and I think it could be good for the community.

    If I could find a tuto that can explain me that, it would be great 😉 Thanks a lot !

    October 24th   #

  2. hi, we just bought this french translation and it’s just impossible to use it because it’s not finished, i really need the translation to be perfect (tha translations are not very good), is it possible to put online the .po file in order to modify it directly ?

    for $55 it’s a minimum right ?

    thanks in advance ! and i’m ok to translate it myself and thane give it to you if you give the chance to do it.

    November 9th   #

  3. @guigro & @dim: take a look at the documentation on translating Shopp for instructions on how to privately translate and submit your translations to us:

    Thank you for your translation efforts and contributing them back to the community!

    November 9th   #

  4. Fine, but when I add my translations on the project, I just can “suggest” and I saw that my suggestions I made a few weeks ago are not yet accepted, how can I approve this translations ? Thanks

    November 28th   #

  5. Hi there,
    impossible to register to the project ; lightbox appears but nothing in box ; just need po files to start or continue french translations ; let me know
    regards Fred

    February 17th   #

  6. A quick note: this link is 404…

    Can anybody send me the latest French version? Because the current one available on this site is incomplete.

    kgjerstad [AT] gmail

    PS. Shopp owners, pls include Follow up comments plugin. 🙂

    July 21st   #

  7. Hi !

    The po file would be awsome for us to use and alter these locales without redoing the whole job.


    August 7th   #

  8. You can read about how to translate (and download a current PO file) by reading the Translating article from the wiki.

    August 10th   #

  9. is there a good free french translation tool on the internet ?-;:

    October 28th   #

  10. Hi,

    French translation is ok for me but when i put it on my server, the tax fields disapear and the tax button is desactivated … ?! 🙁
    How can i resolve that issue ?


    November 12th   #

  11. hello,

    where is the po file ? I only can find the mo file.
    I need the po to edit it.

    if you know…


    May 16th   #

  12. Hello,

    The .po file would be really welcome.



    July 13th   #

  13. For those looking for a .po version of the file above, I generated one using this command:
    msgunfmt > Shopp-fr_FR.po

    and hosted it here:

    July 25th   #

  14. Just realized that hosting the .po file on my personal website is foolish (and most likely a dead end), so I created a public gist for it on github:

    If you do help to update the translation or improve it, please consider using the above link to fork the file and share your version so that others can also take advantage of your work. Thanks!

    July 25th   #

  15. Hi everyone,

    I actually completed a new French translation a while ago and uploaded it to my personal site here:

    The translation is complete (no missing strings) but some strings might not be optimally translated as it can be hard to translate some of them out of context.

    The translation is also Quebec-centric so it uses words like “courriel” instead of email.

    I use the Codestyling Localization plugin for all my translations as it actually scans the plugin or theme files to find the strings to translate. So it’s often more complete than the .pot files.

    If you have suggestions for better translations for some strings, go ahead and post here.

    July 26th   #

  16. J’ai traduit Shopp v1.2 en français.

    Hormis la liste des pays (non seulement il m’aurait fallu les réordonner, mais en plus il y en a pas mal dont j’ignorais l’existence…) la traduction est complète.

    J’ai déclaré 11 entrées comme “approximatives” : 3 me posent problème, quant au 8 autres, c’est parce que je ne les ai pas encore rencontrées dans leur contexte.

    Le fichier est disponible sur ma boutique… Shopp :

    Au plaisir…

    April 4th   #

  17. Hi,
    I chose shopp because it seemed much more reliable. Especially the translations. Unfortunately, it seems that the .mo file that is on this page has long be out of date (so many sentences untranslated) !!! Where can we find the translation that is complete (I just suggested the remaining 20 sentences) ?

    December 17th   #

  18. The download has been updated to a 100% complete translation of Shopp 1.2.

    January 2nd   #

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