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With this plugin installed you can supply your customers with the Facebook Like-button. The link provided on Facebook will redirect to the actual product page. When you use Open Graph Tags as well, an image and description will be displayed on Facebook.

If you are testing Shopp 1.2 beta please download our 1.2 version from the Download page.

  1. AWESOME! I wasn’t able to find any other social plugins for it but Facebook is better than most so at least I have that.

    Every thought about adding multiple social networks? It’s so key nowadays especially in shops.

    Once again THANKS!

    July 24th   #

  2. Yes…if there was a way to add multiple social networks into Shopp, that would be fabulous!

    November 6th   #

  3. First of all thanks for sharing and great effort made for us. im using on it Works but it is not responsive. Is there any other option for a responsive design?

    October 11th   #

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