Shopp Importer

Travis Smith, Tim van den Eijnden and Lee Tagg
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Bulk imports products from a CSV file into the Shopp product database for Shopp 1.2+.

This plugin is community developed and is not officially supported by Ingenesis Limited. Download access and distribution of this plugin is provided “as is” as an extra resource to the Shopp community with no warranty as to its usefulness either implied or guaranteed by its availability on


  • Download the file
  • Decompress the archive
  • Upload the shopp_product_importer_shopp1.2/ folder to your .../wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Login to your WordPress admin and navigate to Plugins
  • Activate the Shopp Importer plugin
  1. Hooray!
    Used this a little bit ago, and it worked like a charm.

    Awesome work, Lee. 🙂

    July 29th   #

  2. I have been using this importer from Lee for several months and it works great. I use it to import as many as 5 categories deep and 5 images per product for over 20,000 product entries. Highly recommend it. Just make sure you have your spreadsheet in the proper order and follow the directions to a “T” and it will work.

    August 7th   #

  3. The plugin I was looking for decades ! Absolutely fantastic with my 18.000 books website.

    Thank you !

    August 26th   #

  4. Hello,

    I am trying to use your plugin, but on activation I have the folllowing error message:

    Fatal error: Class ‘ShoppError’ not found in /home/www/ on line 737

    It’s version on Shopp 1.1.2 (WordPress 3.0.1)

    Any guesses?

    Thanks in advance


    September 17th   #

  5. I was just curiuos is this plugin much better then I am having nothing but issues with that one and am thinking of buying this one. I just need to know if USPS will work great and is it easy to setup

    September 20th   #

  6. This plugin doesn’t work with the upgrade of Shopp (and I accidentally erased all of my manually entered products monkeying around with this thing before the upgrade).

    I’m a little surprised there’s still nothing about this out here for people to see before they download it. Really puts a kink in things not having the ability to bulk upload products. If anyone has had success in getting it to work since the upgrade, please share your secrets ~ the loss of this function has me exploring other options. I may have to cut my losses with Shopp and move on – but I really hate to, I really want my store and blog to live together as one. For now, it’s back to entering one product at a time – ugh.

    October 7th   #

  7. Defo worth buying Michael. I am loving this shopping plugin!

    October 13th   #

  8. I’ve installed this plug in and activated it, but nothing shows up in the Shopp menu. Any ideas on what’s going wrong. I’m really looking forward to trying this.

    October 14th   #

  9. Literally cannot believe I have only just found this plugin after manually inputting 400 products… cries.

    Thanks for this, hope it works for the next few hundred I have!

    October 23rd   #

  10. A user (above) recently posted that the plugin does not work with the latest version of shopp. True? If false, is there any documentation on the cvs upload process and an example file? Thanks!

    October 26th   #

  11. I successfully imported all of my products… and the images loaded… but they are not showing in the products… any clues to what happened? I am using the latest Shopp.

    October 26th   #


    October 28th   #

  13. same problem as James – I activated it but there’s no menu under Shopp – running the latest version of Shopp and WP

    November 8th   #

  14. Hi Lee,

    Thanks for taking the time and effort of putting this importer together. However, IT DOES NOT WORK!

    As Barry and Jeromy stated above it “successfully imports” all of the products but none shows on Shopp. After a little research it seems that the import only populates the shopp_price table but NOT the shopp_product ot shopp_Catalog tables (required to display products).

    It also seems to “fake” the product image import because even without actual image files (no valid location) the upload loops through all the product image names and “pauses” for several seconds and then continues but it DOES NOT upload anything to the product image path nor sets any references.

    Sorry for the rant but the information about the importer is misleading and made me, and I guess other people, waste our time. Please don’t share garbage.

    November 15th   #

  15. Sam problem ….

    I successfully imported all of my products and the images loaded but they are not showing in the products any clues to what happened?

    November 16th   #

  16. For anyone having problems where importing looks like it’s working, but then there are no products, open spi_model.php and change line 275 from this:

    $query = ” INSERT INTO {$wpdb->prefix}shopp_product (id,name,slug,summary,description,published,featured,variations,options,created,modified) VALUES {$values};”;

    To this:

    $query = ” INSERT INTO {$wpdb->prefix}shopp_product (id,name,slug,summary,description,publish,featured,variations,options,created,modified) VALUES {$values};”;

    November 17th   #

  17. Of course, we still couldn’t get images or categories to work correctly, but this did massively cut down on the work we had to do.

    November 19th   #

  18. The importes is under Tools/Import/CSV Shopp Importer

    I cant import my csv list, can anybody tell me how should i do the import process.


    November 28th   #

  19. We are running shopp

    will this plugin work for this version of shopp?

    December 1st   #

  20. My name is Tim and I downloaded the product importer plugin. I found out that it didn’t worked with the latest version of Shopp. Because I’m to lazy to manually insert all the products from an Excel spreadsheet I fixed this plugin.

    For more info see this topic:

    December 12th   #

  21. Same issue as Barry. I can get my images to upload but then they don’t show up in the catalog entries. Can someone post a sample CSV file, along with an explanation of the path required for succesful image posts. Any other administrative changes within WP that need to be done for this to work?

    December 16th   #

  22. I’m evaluating whether or not I’d like to use Shopp, so I haven’t bought it yet and don’t have access to the forum. Could someone tell me if this utility works in doing batch uploads to the catalog database from an Excel spreadsheet? Thank you.

    January 3rd   #

  23. Here is a sample CSV file I used, plus a screen grab of how I configured the columns. This is data that I exported from a really old OSCommerce installation’s MySQL database.

    This import worked for me on Shopp 1.0.17. But it is not compatible with the latest version of Shopp (1.1.5) due to changes to the MySQL database table format.

    I was able to get the importer working by modifying a few lines of code to adjust to the new tables. TAGS are NOT supported. Categories are.

    If anyone else wants to give this a spin, you need only replace /wp-content/plugins/shopp_product_importer/spi_model.php with the contents here:

    Hope this helps some of you out there!


    January 13th   #

  24. Patrick, thanks so much for the update to make this work with version 1.1.5.

    One thing I’ve had an issue with is importing images for the products. When I click on run importer it seems to be “finding” the images fine, and shows the images being added in succession. However when I look at my store page the images are not there. When administering the products there are no images there either.

    Do you think something has changed in 1.1.5 to disable images? If so, is there an easy fix to get this to work?

    FYI, I have a column in my csv named “image” and that has a full URL to the image directory I have setup in the Shopp settings.

    January 18th   #

  25. Recently we used for on of our customer. One of the great plugin out of the various available online. Highly recommended !

    January 20th   #

  26. Hi Eric,
    I’m having this problem too. It imports images even when there aren’t any references to images in the CSV.

    January 23rd   #

  27. Eric did you ever resolve your issue? I am experiencing the same problem…

    Images, prices, and categories are inserted into the DB but never the products…

    February 4th   #

  28. The sample csv file in this forum isn’t available any longer (as of Feb 2011). Can someone please post a sample csv, including formatting and how to link to images?

    Also, can we update the details and specs fields with a csv?


    February 10th   #

  29. Quick question… are there plans in the future to have the plugin also EXPORT to the products inserted into the database? That way, we could export, update with changes and import back in.

    It would also provide a way for those just starting with first time products, the format required and the field values (samples) so we know what goes where…

    Thanks for considering this. In the meantime, does anyone have a sample CSV file with all the headings and at least 1 row of sample data? The one shown in the comments section above no longer works.

    February 10th   #

  30. I have been testing with a 6 product csv and have it mostly working! You have to map one field to Product Identifier (it failed when I used SKU).

    I uploaded the images to and set the image url as:{val}

    I did not get my sub categories, but that may be because I don’t understand about where to put the “/”…one time I did have it working, so if I figure it out I will repost…

    Hope this helps.

    February 10th   #

  31. After a little more experimenting I have the categories working. Here’s a 1 product csv example showing how to set multiple categories and a subcategory.

    February 15th   #

  32. Thanks Tenley.

    February 18th   #

  33. Hello there,

    I could really use some help with this plugin. I have a document that has 24000 items in it, the plugin says it is working, takes a LONG time and then when it is done, it only shows the One Category in Shopp, but no products at all, nothing. This is a real important plugin for me and any help would be sincerely appreciated.

    Kind regards,

    March 5th   #

  34. With no export/import features supported for Shopp, I wouldn’t suggest using Shopp if you have that many products (anything over 50 products seems unmanagable to me under their current schema).

    How could you possibly manage them all if you need to update them individually once imported?

    I just purchased Shopp this week, but am already thinking I might need another solution, even for my small list of products.

    March 16th   #

  35. I can’t get an import to work.

    I get the message:
    “CSV imported to database table wp_17_shopp_importer
    Products Imported, Prices Imported, 0 Tags Imported 0 Categories Imported 0 Catalog Items Created…
    There are no images to upload from this CSV file”

    Yet I have 37 products, each with an image URL similar to this:

    The importer is not adding any new products.

    I’ve mapped all the fields…yet the importer shows hundreds of extra “columns” marked as “Don’t Import” that are really values from data rows.

    This importer just doesn’t work.

    March 16th   #

  36. I tried using this plugin, it mostly works but the field ‘Spec’ is not filled in, therefore none of the “Details & Spec” that we have (and need to use for a faceted menu) are showing up.

    Is this a known issue?

    April 6th   #

  37. Does not work for me with latest version of wordpress and shopp. Simply does not show up in the menu. Surely its not just me that has this issue?


    April 11th   #

  38. Hi Guys,

    I have the latest version but when i install nothing shows up anywhere! :-S

    April 20th   #

  39. Hi, the download button isn’t working. Any thoughts.

    May 13th   #

  40. The download link for this plugin is not working.

    May 13th   #

  41. I’m having that same issue you’re having Stephen…

    May 19th   #

  42. Hey,
    Can someone please tell me where I can download this plugin?
    I really need it and the Link on this page does not do anything…


    May 19th   #

  43. The publisher of the plugin has taken it down.


    May 19th   #

  44. Thats silly.
    Is someone who has already downloaded it willing to share?


    May 19th   #

  45. really!?!?! i need this plugin too, is there coming a new version anyone knows?


    May 20th   #

  46. There has to be someone out there who has a copy they can share. I desperately need this for one of my clients. Someone, please help.

    May 20th   #

  47. No!!!!!!!!!

    May 24th   #

  48. Found this on the web.

    I have not tested.
    but if u desperately need the plugin, its here.

    May 25th   #

  49. Thx Ehren

    May 26th   #

  50. You can also check this post out for an updated version of this plugin

    May 27th   #

  51. Any idea why no products import when I try to import? Can someone outline the steps and possibly what the headers in my csv should be exactly? Or if someone is interested in doing it for me I’d be happy to pay for your time as well.

    June 12th   #

  52. Could anyone please supply an example CSV file that works? So that way I can do a test import to see if the it’s the plugin or my CSV that is causing a problem.

    I’ve been trying to import a single test product, and all that happens is a long wait for it to import, finally ending with a message that says ‘An error occured… Update Importer Settings before trying again…’

    Any help would be extremely appreciated.

    June 14th   #

  53. Having a hard time with this myself – Shop version 1.1.8 – everything loaded in the importer screen but nothing is there in the products. Downloaded from this page.

    Tried to download Tim’s version but it shows up as a .tar file?

    Really wish we could get this straightened out. It’s really an integral part of ecommerce!

    June 22nd   #

  54. I got the importer to work after many attempts in which I experienced the empty products list after a seemingly-successful import. I discovered that the importer expects a field called ‘minprice’ to exist within the wp_shopp_products table in the WP database. That field was missing in that table, but after I added it (through my webhost’s PHPmyAdmin console to the WP database) it ran successfully and the products appeared. I’m using version of Shopp Importer and 1.1.9 of the Shopp plug-in. I hope this helps!

    August 29th   #

  55. Hello Sir,

    1) I want to import products but i am not able to import it. I read warning saying that this plugin supports only in fresh install of shopp plugin,while i have modified the plugin. So what should i do to import my products?

    2) I also tried this in fresh install of shopp plugin.The csv was imported and run.But products are not being shown in product list(In admin panel’s product list and In front panel product list).So what should i do in this case?

    3) I am using details and specs for adding specification to my product.How should i include these fields in my csv to import these fields in respective product?

    Thanks in Advance.

    Hope for Good response.

    Thanks Ravi Makhija

    September 10th   #

  56. I feel REALLY stupid right now. I now it’s late and all but where the heck do you go in the dashboard to run the upload??

    September 15th   #

  57. I am using the Shopp Product importer for the fist time. I just realized I do not have the “Run Importer” Button. I can go in and select the CSV file and map out the columns but there is not Button to actually complete the import! Really weird….Please help! 🙂

    October 24th   #

  58. Hello Everyone,

    If anyone needs help, please feel free to email me.

    I have played around with this and also have read many message boards and finally got it to work.

    November 21st   #

  59. To Svetlana: If you have some programming skills try to change, into the index.php file of the importer plugin, the code lines where you see “if (jQuery(this).attr(“selected”) == ‘true’)” to “if (jQuery(this).attr(“selected”) == ‘selected’)”. In index.php you can find these at lines 427, 439, 453, 466, 479, 518. Replace them all, or change for every line, “true” to “selected”.

    Anyway, just to inform you all, i’ve the importer working well only using shopp v1.1.3 and the importer v0.9.2.2 with Chris modifies that you can find here:

    Shopp is cool, but finding informations about it’s really an adventure…posts that don’t show years in their date, links to find forum almost hide, wikis, and other help materials with documentation often incomplete…it’s a shame for a cool plugin like shopp.

    I hope that after the v1.2 release devs will stop the developing of the plug and find time to reorganize all the website in an ergonomic, direct, easy and more simple layout&scheme, with a real 1=1 complete documentation.

    December 28th   #

  60. Is this plugin supported with Shopp v.

    I can install it and “Update Importer Settings” but I don’t see where to run the import!

    Please help.

    January 11th   #

  61. WP 3.13 / Shopp

    I loaded the bulk importer and activated the plugin… but it doesn’t show up anywhere within the shop app. Am I doing something wrong? Where is it..?

    January 12th   #

  62. Whoops.. I meant WP 3.31

    January 12th   #

  63. Hi guys,

    Putting whether the plugin works or not, does anyone use it to update ONLY the inventory numbers they might have from Quickbooks? I have a client who would like to sync their brick and mortar store with the website…


    January 17th   #

  64. Has anyone managed to get this working with the newest version of Shopp (Version 1.1.9)?

    Having issues with the Plugin working and also with the actual uploads.

    January 19th   #

  65. Just an FYI, if you’re using Shopp 1.1+, you’ll find the Importer under the WordPress Tools menu, on the Import page, as CSV Importer for Shopp Plugin. I can’t say if it’s been updated to work in 1.2, but it has been verified to work in

    February 7th   #

  66. I was able to get this partially working with WP 3.3.1 and a fresh install of Shopp I merged in Chris’s updated files from, and then made Rics’ changes to the validate() function in settings.php.

    After that I was able to run the importer, but then I was getting “500 Internal Server Error” messages in Firebug’s console for the AJAX requests. The vhost’s Apache error log said, “Premature end of script headers: admin-ajax.php”. I couldn’t figure out the root cause of that — maybe the IPCCommTimeout timeout value, see — but I worked around it by switched to have PHP loaded as an Apache module instead of using FastCGI.

    It’s still not importing images or the sale price, though. So now I’m trying to fix those.

    I think it’s kind of absurd that Shopp doesn’t have an official, supported import tool. It’s very frustrating to have to jump through these hoops to achieve such a fundamental goal for an eCommerce tool.

    February 15th   #

  67. It turned out that my problem with the sale prices was just my fault. The plugin was importing the sale prices, but not enabling the flag for it. There’s an extra field in the CSV that has to be set to enable the flag for each product, but the plugin doesn’t warn you if you leave it out.

    I finally worked around the image problem by configuring Shopp to store images in the database instead of on the file system and then re-running the import.

    February 20th   #

  68. Hi this importer works perfect but I dont find any exporter for Shopp.. Is there any shopp products exporter. i need this. Thank you in advance

    February 21st   #

  69. Hello Everyone,

    We had run the importer tool with version 1.1.9 and with some modification it worked fine. We just upgraded to the Shopp 1.2 version and the import tool does not work as of yet.

    Does anyone have a fix for Shopp 1.2?

    March 7th   #

  70. This plugin needs a lot of attention – as some users have posted, it can work with 1.19 with modifications but it will not work with 1.2 as of yet.

    Does anyone have a burning need for this?

    March 20th   #

  71. Does anyone have a burning need for this?

    YES!! We could really use an importer for version 1.2 !! Our company has over 600 products that are already in an excel file just waiting to be mass uploaded. Doing each one at at time has kept me from switching over from wp-ecommerce.

    April 9th   #

  72. Well, we have sort of a need with 4000+ products! 🙂

    April 11th   #

  73. Would love to have this. Launching an online store soon and this would make it go super smooth.

    Also makes weekly updates super easy.

    May 22nd   #

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