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Add “previous/next”-product links to your Shopp webshop’s product pages.

With this plugin installed you can supply your customers with previous/next buttons on the product pages of your Shopp webshop. They will no longer have to go back and forth between category/catalog pages and product pages. You can translate the plugin to your own language, .pot file is included. Dutch language files are already present.

By use of the tag, you can set if you want to display ‘previous’, ‘next’, or ‘both’. By use of the settings page, you can

  • set the phrases used for ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’
  • set to use product thumbnails instead of ‘Previous’/’Next’
  • set the size of the thumbnails
  • exclude categories (‘Previous’/’Next’-buttons will not appear on those Shopp product pages)
  • exclude products (‘Previous’/’Next’-buttons will not appear on those Shopp product pages)
  • If you are testing Shopp 1.2 (beta) please download version 1.2 of our plugin from the download page.

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