Shopp Requirements Check

Ingenesis Limited
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Install and activate this plugin on your website to check whether your site and hosting environment have the required technologies to properly run the latest official release of Shopp.


  • Download the file
  • Decompress the archive
  • Upload the ShoppReqCheck.php file to your .../wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Login to your WordPress admin and navigate to Plugins
  • Activate the Shopp Requirements Check plugin
  • A message will be displayed after activation reporting whether Shopp is supported or not
  • The plugin is automatically deactivated and is no longer needed after the notice is displayed
  1. great for little clients that want to do it all

    August 31st   #

  2. I got no response from doing this activation. I contacted my web host and they said I have all the requirements mentioned above. So why am I having problems with the activation check??

    August 30th   #

  3. The link to get the requirements check plugin seems to be broken on this page: Instead of taking me to this page, it takes me to:

    December 17th   #

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