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Hiranthi Molhoek, Illutic WebDesign
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The Shopp Wishlist plugin allows your customers to add your products to their personal wishlist.


  • Accounts must be enabled in Shopp
  • WordPress AdminShoppSettingsCheckout
  • The Customer Accounts setting must use either Enable Account Logins or Enable Account Logins integrated with WordPress Accounts


  • Download the file
  • Decompress the archive
  • Upload the shopp-wishlist/ folder to your .../wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Login to your WordPress admin and navigate to Plugins
  • Activate the Shopp Wishlist plugin
  1. I wish there was a way to charge handling for orders under a set amount (e.g., $10).

    November 19th   #

  2. LOL!!! You can remove these comments… I should not post so late at night! Wrong place to submit my wishlist for Shopplugin!

    November 19th   #

  3. Not working on WP ver. 3.0.1. Whenever i clicked on the add to my wishlist button it goes to blank page

    November 27th   #

  4. I have the same problem – page goes blank. Is there a solution for this as yet?

    January 18th   #

  5. Okay, so…

    This plugin only works with Shopp accounts that are integrated with WordPress. This begs the question, how do you create wp/shopp accounts?!

    It’s easy enough to create generic WordPress accounts. It’s also somewhat easy to create plain Shopp accounts (as seen in the forum here

    But there is no documented way to create a wp/shopp account without actually making a purchase.

    What if my customers want to browse the site and add a bunch of items to their wishlist before they ever decide to make a purchase? How then will they be able to do this?


    January 28th   #

  6. any update on this question? I’d like to use the wishlist as well but need the ability for customers to create a wishlist before their first purchase.

    January 30th   #

  7. Hi Eric,

    There are a few plugins to help resolve the customer account issue, try this one posted in the forum

    February 8th   #

  8. Same for me – returns a blank page. How can I fix this?

    February 16th   #

  9. @ everyone: if you have questions/feature requests etc., please post them to the open tracker – there’s a special Shopp Wishlist section there (

    NOTE: I’ve just updated the plugin with v1.2, which should be available through here soon. Read the readme file for the changelog.

    March 11th   #

  10. Is it possible for customers to email their wishlist to a friend?

    October 4th   #

  11. Hi Hiranthi, thanks so much for the great wishlist plugin. Works great for me.

    Dont really know what Im doing code wise, here is what I have done anyway.

    Created a new Wishlist Page in WordPress Admin section, which links in a template (which is your wishlist.php with added header code to make it into a template). So now I have a page in my main site menu that highlights the menu link whenever user is on the wishlist page. I did have to add a redirect in my .htaccess file so your code diverts instead to this new wordpress wishlist page.

    I don’t use permalinks.

    If user adds item to wishlist, but they are not logged in, they see a link to login using the wordpress login (which I restyled to my theme using the plugin Theme My Login.

    Probably I overlooked something major, but seems fine at this point.


    November 7th   #

  12. Does this have a multiple flat rate shipping? For example, Indonesia, Sri lank, Hong Kong are 1 rate. Australia, New Zealand, Maldives another flat rate. Flat rates that are not dependant on weight or number of items bought.

    December 8th   #

  13. Hi !

    The wishlist plugin makes a very weird behavior on several installations I tried… Wordpress 3.2.1 & Shopp 1.2RC2 & Shopp Wishlist 1.2

    1 – When I activate the Wishlist plugin, it breaks the main Shopp permalinks : I can no longer access to mysite/shop/ or mysite/cart/ (the other pages / posts permalinks still work).

    2 – Now if I deactivate Whishlist… I can no longer visit those permalinks, it’s broken !?

    3 – To find my Shopp permalinks back I need to de-activate the Shopp plugin itself, and re-activate it. Then the permalinks come back… until I try again Whishlist 😉

    Do you have any idea where this could come from ? I tried to comment the add_filter(‘rewrite_rules_array’,’shoppwishlist_rewrite’); just to see what happens, but it was still breaking the Shopp permalinks…



    January 27th   #

  14. In shopp-wishilist.php : The shoppwishlist_flushrules functions looks like it’s the guilty… But how to fix this ?


    January 27th   #

  15. FYI: this plugin will be made available through with a few minor bugfixes (iow: the version that can be downloaded from this page won’t get updated anymore).

    I also have a Wishlist Pro version available on (with more options)

    February 6th   #

  16. Hi Hiranthi,

    Thank you for this feedback. Indeed the Wishlist Pro plugin looks as a good solution.

    However there is no way to order it on you website (Paypal not avail)… I tried to contact you via your website form… I hope you’ll find a solution : I’m definately interested by this plugin !



    February 15th   #

  17. Hi Hiranthi,

    I bought the Wishlist Pro plugin on your website but it’s still not working, same issue as previously written here… I issued a ticket on the but still no news… ??

    Thanks for your support on this


    March 8th   #

  18. Any word on if/when this is compatible with latest version of Shopp?

    June 5th   #

  19. Pretty sure it’s not compatibile with Shopp 1.2+ yet.

    June 8th   #

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