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Promo Codes

Shoppers can easily enter promotional codes to access item-specific discounts, discounts of the entire order and even free shipping. Shopp’s promotion system makes it easy to create rules to limit when and if a discount applies to an order.

Shipping & Tax Estimates

Shoppers can specify their shipping location in the cart to get immediate access to estimated shipping and the total tax amount. Adding live-rate shipping add-ons will add a postal code to the shipping location form for even more accurate shipping rates. Any handling surcharges per product or for the entire order are also included in the estimated shipping costs.

Related Products

Shopp includes a Related Products smart collection that can find other products in your store catalog that match the current product being viewed, or even the most recent product added to the customer’s shopping cart. The related products collection makes it dead simple to cross-sell similar products or product accessories increasing average order values and boosting the bottom-line.

Change Variants

Customers can make changes to selected product variations and see the price increases or cost savings of the other options right in the cart. Shoppers feel more empowered to make good decisions, and store owners benefit from upselling more lucrative product options.

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