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Smart Collections

Shopp includes pre-programmed “smart collections” that automatically groups products in your catalog. Smart collections display products in the catalog just like your custom categories, but instead of assigning products, products are included into the collection automatically giving shoppers fast access to collections like the newest products, bestselling products, or recommended (featured) products.

Search Engine

Shopp includes a powerful, full-featured search engine that allows shoppers to search every single detail of a product including the name, summary, full description, product specs & details, variation option names, tags, names of the categories a product is assigned to and even by price.

Arrange Products

For custom categories that you create, you can set the order you want products in that category displayed in. Drag and drop sorting with handy “move to top” and “move to bottom” features make quick work of ordering categories with a large amount of products.

Grid & List Views

The starter template kit in Shopp has grid and list view layouts built in. Customers can switch from a grid layout to list layout and back again. And the setting sticks for the entire visit so that any other product categories automatically show in their preferred view.

Custom Categories

Organize your storefront with categories and sub-categories. Use categories to help define product templates that speed up data-entry and show off your products.

Related Products

Shopp includes a Related Products smart collection that can find other products in your store catalog that match the current product being viewed, or even the most recent product added to the customer’s shopping cart. The related products collection makes it dead simple to cross-sell similar products or product accessories increasing average order values and boosting the bottom-line.

RSS Feeds

Both custom categories that are created and all of the smart collections generate their own RSS feed. All the feeds are enhanced with Google Merchant Center information that can be used to include your catalog in Google’s product search feature.

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