Features Design

Content Templates

Just like WordPress, Shopp includes templates of its own to control the layout of your storefront’s catalog pages. The built-in templates can be copied out to your active theme and modified giving you absolute control over every facet of your store’s look and feel. The custom templates stay with your theme, protected from Shopp plugin updates and keeping all of your layout assets in the same place for easier site management.

Template Tags

The Template API includes 200+ template tags giving you a rich set of tools to access and display Shopp-specific information. Shopp’s template system has been designed to mimic many of the concepts of WordPress programming “tags” pairing the learning curve of Shopp and WordPress in a way that learning the concepts of one simultaneously teaches you the concepts of the other.

Valid Markup

All of the mark-up Shopp uses, whether in the templates or generated from the template tags, has been painstakingly designed to use valid, semantic markup.

Theme Templates

Shopp supports a number of theme template files that can be added to your theme to provide custom frames for your Shopp storefront content. Theme developers can create completely different layouts for Shopp storefront pages and other WordPress content.

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