Features Developers

Theme API

Shopp’s theme integration is powered by over 400 Theme API functions. With the Theme API, developers can customize nearly any aspect of the storefront experience, from the catalog and products, to the cart and checkout, customer account pages, receipts, emails and more.

Action Hooks

Used the same action callback system that WordPress uses, Shopp contains over 120 action hooks, allowing developers the ability to run custom code throughout Shopp.

Filter Hooks

Using the same filter hook calls that are used throughout WordPress itself, Shopp content is extremely filterable. Shopp has a filter for each and every Theme API call, as well as over 200 filters for content throughout the storefront and admin.

Developer API

Shopp comes with a powerful Developer API, with over 150 utility functions. Using the Developer API, you can create and modify new products, product categories and product tags, customer accounts, and orders. You can also add and remove product and category images and product download assets, manipulate Shopp settings, programmatically add and remove items to the cart, and initiate order events.

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