Features Discounts

Amount Off

A flat discount can be applied to catalog products, cart items, or entire orders using Shopp promotional Amount Off discounts.

Percentage Off

Mark down product prices, cart items, or entire orders by a percentage using Shopp promotional Percentage Off discounts.

Buy X Get Y Free

Buy X Get Y Free promotions give you a powerful way to move inventory by incentivizing buys with extra giveaways. Set up “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” promotions to close more sales and unload excess inventory fast. Like other types of discounts, the Buy X Get Y Free works with the conditional rules to precisely target your giveaways.

Targeted Discounts

Discounts apply when and where you want them to. Using the promotion editor, you can set the type of discount you want to apply, where you want it to apply, for how long, and even specify exact conditions to match before applying the discount.

Free Shipping

Shopp allows you to create promotions for free shipping on catalog product, specific cart items, or the entire order.

Date Based

Shopp allows you to run promotional discounts within a specific range of dates, so you can set it and forget it.

Conditional Rules

Shopp gives you powerful tools for setting up discounts and promotions. Conditional rules let you specify when a discount should trigger and when it shouldn’t. Add multiple rules for more precision or use less rules for broader coverage. You can setup rules to match based on promo codes, customer types, product characteristics, order quantities, totals and more!

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