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Standalone Image Server

Shopp’s image server works in two modes: images are requested and served from WordPress, or in a special standalone script mode that only loads the bare-minimum code to serve the image. The standalone image server uses less server resources per request, meaning your server can handle more load and stay nice and snappy.

Storage Engines

As with digital products, images can use Shopp’s modular storage system to store images in the site’s database, the server file system, or Amazon S3 ($25 add-on).

Named Image Settings

Named image settings in Shopp allow developers to give easy image size and quality controls to clients or designers. Developers set up an image setting name and use it when setting up images in template file layouts. The image settings in Shopp make it easy for your designer or client to adjust image sizes, cropping, matte and quality settings. See your design come alive accross your storefront instantly!

Multiple Images

You can upload an unrestricted number of images to your products and custom categories. Using the Adobe Flash upload system you can upload 5 images at the same time for faster catalog setup.

Product Image Gallery

Shopp includes a built-in product gallery to showcase your product photography in a high quality interactive experience. The gallery shows a larger preview image with clickable thumbnails. Clicking a thumbnail gracefully fades between images. Clicking the preview image loads the original full size image in Shopp’s modal image zoom viewer.

Image Zoom

Shopp utilizes Colored Power’s Colorbox modal image viewer, a lightweight jQuery-based image zoom with loads of features. Colorbox builds a slideshow from the product gallery images automatically with options to control the transitions, speed, and layout of your viewer.

Dynamic Resizing

Shopp includes a specially designed image server that allows just-in-time resizing for images based on how image requests are made in your template files. That means you can specify any image size, anywhere.

Image Cache

Resized images are cached for the fastest possible response and load times.

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