Features Orders


Keep private notes about orders in your order manager so you can keep your store management team on the same page with details about each order.

Payment Status

Merchant’s will find it easy and straightforward to work with an order’s payment status with manual controls and automatic updates from payment gateways that support it.

Fulfillment Status

E-commerce software shouldn’t tell you how to manage your business. You should tell your e-commerce software how you manage your business. So Shopp allows store owners to setup custom order fulfillment status labels to track orders based on their own workflows.

Email Notifications

Send notes related to an order directly to the customer right from the order manager. You can even include a copy of the order and notify the customer about order status updates.

Exporting Orders

The order manager in Shopp makes it easy to filter your orders by date, or by search and export them into Tab, CSV, XLS and even QuickBooks IIF format.

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