Features Security

Engineered for PCI DSS

The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard) is the gold standard for protecting your customers from identity theft and credit card fraud. While PCI DSS certifying your Shopp store is not automatic, Shopp’s top-down security design and attention to the details of the standard will ease the auditing process for your online store.

Roles & Capabilities

Shopp adds two new user roles to WordPress (Merchant and Customer Service Rep) which secure access to areas of Shopp to users with the correct role. Only merchant users or administrators have the capability to view your store’s financial reports. Shopp adds a set of WordPress user capabilities to control access to settings, information, and management interfaces in Shopp.


McAfee SECURE scans your website daily for thousands of hacker vulnerabilities. The PCI Certification Service includes scanning, remediation assistance, technical support, self-assessment questionnaire, and validation of your compliance. And Shopp’s secure design passes the comprehensive McAfee PCI scans giving you everything you need to be PCI compliant. Signup for the McAfee PCI Certificate Service and get a free trial of McAfee SECURE daily scanning and trustmark.

Remote Checkout

Shopp is designed to support checkout methods that take the user away to a remote checkout system, such as PayPal or Google Checkout. By allowing off-site checkout methods to integrate with Shopp, your customer’s can feel confident that they can purchase from you securely.

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