Features SEO

Semantic Markup

Shopp is designed to optimize storefront content to use the best possible semantic markup practices, making simple, streamlined, and contextually rich e-commerce sites. This practice also helps your site become more accessible for screen readers used for shoppers with impaired sight.

Meta Tags

Shopp automatically adds your product tags terms to your meta keywords markup, as well as product summary or category description to the meta description tag on your storefront catalog pages.

Alt & Title Attributes

The Shopp product and category editors include tools for editing alt and title attributes for each image used on your storefront, which adds useful context to your store for search engines and screen readers for sight impaired customers.

Google Merchant Center Feeds

All Shopp product collection pages have RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds that can be used as product feeds for your Google Merchant Center. Shopp also automatically uses specific product details automatically in your Google Merchant Center feed.

Canonical URLs

Shopp automatically adds a fully filterable Canonical URL reference in the markup of each of your storefront product collection or product detail pages. This helps popular search engines keep straight the official locations of your storefront content, so your content is as potent as possible in search results.

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