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Tiered Rate Calculators

Shopp includes a built-in set of tiered-rate and percentage shipping calculators. Using tiered-rate calculators, you can define shipping options for each shoppers location, and set flat-rate pricing tiers for shipping based on item quantity or the total order amount, as well as set percentage tiers based on the total order amount.

Flat Rate Calculators

Shopp includes a number of configurable built in flat-rate shipping calculators. These calculators allow you to define multiple shipping options and set the flat-rate prices of each option by the shoppers location. You can also set shipping costs per item or per order, or based on the total order amount or weight. Free shipping options can also be specified.

Real-time Rate Addons

Real-time rate addons are available for purchase that provide real-time shipping rate quotes for shipping services such as UPS, US Postal Service, FedEx, Australia Post, Canada Post, or Shipwire.

Real-time Rate Fallbacks

Each built-in flat-rate or tiered shipping calculator in Shopp can be used as “fall-back” rates, in case your real-time shipping rate calculator is unable to get shipping estimates or when communication fails. This will ensure that you are always have a shipping cost estimate available for your customers, independent of third-party services.

Destination Rates

Each built-in shipping rate calculator in Shopp includes a destination rate feature, so you can set up rates based on the regional or local location of your customers. Shopp supports adding destination rates for 8 world regions, 240 countries, regions of US, Canada, Sweden, and Belgium, and states/province destinations in the US, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Germany, and Netherlands.

Shipment Tracking

Send shipment tracking codes to your customers via email quickly and easily from the order manager. Emails arrive with links for customers to track their packages progress.

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