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Priority Support

Purchase a priority support credit to get quick attention from our most qualified staff. Priority support incidents are handled first and fast, guaranteed.

User Guide

With your Shopp purchase, you get access to on-line documentation, along with a downloadable Shopp User Guide. This extensive resource will get you acquainted with Shopp quickly. Pass the downloadable User Guide on to your clients so they can better understand and utilize Shopp, reducing your support costs.

Knowledge Base

Find solutions and workarounds to common problems with our extensive Knowledge Base. Still can find a solution? Head over to our on-line community forums or web-based Help Desk.

API Reference

Shopp is a developer’s dream, with over 150 Developer API functions, 400 Theme API functions, 120 WordPress action hooks, and 200 WordPress filter hooks to make Shopp the most customizable e-commerce framework for WordPress. Extensive documentation for all of our APIs is available, so you can dive right in.

Community Forums

Get access to lively community of awesome WordPress and Shopp users. Bounce ideas off each other, get help from peers, make new business contacts, you name it.

Help Desk Tickets

Need help with a technical or customer service issue? Our web-based help desk stands ready to come to the rescue. Open a ticket, and get direct help from qualified technical representative.

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