Features Workflow

Continuous Product Editor

Streamline the creation of new products or editing of existing products with Shopp workflow tools. Set and forget controls allow you to continue editing the current product, return to product lists, or proceed to the previous or next product as you edit and save products.

Product Working Lists

Shopp’s product manager remembers your searches and filtered working list of products, so you can quickly edit a number of products using Shopp workflow tools.

Linked Variants

Shopp makes setting up and editing a large list of product options a snap by allowing you to link product variants together and edit them together with a single change.

Spec Templates

Shopp product detail and specification templates make it easy to fill in common details for products in the same category. Shopp also makes it easy to define those details that Shopp should use to build custom faceted drill-down menus.

Variant Templates

Shopp variant templates make light work of adding a common set of pricing options to a large set of products in the same category.

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