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Join our Support Team

Ingenesis Limited, the company behind the development of Shopp, is looking for awesome people to join our team of Shopp experts. Read below, then respond with something to get our attention and send it to: join dot our dot team at shopplugin dot net. Write whatever you want, just make it relevant, and get our attention.

What is Ingenesis Limited looking for?

If you are a excellent communicator, have a professional attitude, and some technical aptitude, then we would love to speak with you about how our support team works.

Why should I work with Ingenesis Limited?

Most of our support team are freelancers with their own clients and their own work. Joining the support team for Shopp brings in some extra cash and gets you direct access to the core team. Keep your day job, take on only the support you want from anywhere in the world, get paid for it and be part of a growing open-source software community.

Want more? Customers can use our tip system to give you a tip when you’ve helped them out of a jam. We have plenty of opportunities for advancement as well. Once you have been with the team for a bit, you can join our Priority Support team, or one of our other premium services, that will earn you even more swag. Furthermore, as Ingenesis Limted does not take on any contract development work, at this time, you’ll be the first that we offer the work to. You’ll also be the first we look at when we are looking to hire new people for our core team.

Think this sounds great? Send us an email now, and join our team today!

What would I be doing?

You will be doing a range of support activities, such as:

  • Troubleshooting and correcting software configuration problems on customer sites
  • Identifying, researching and reporting software bugs (fixing if you have the capability)
  • Applying bug fix patches for known severe problems
  • Identifying, researching and reporting web-hosting problems (fixing if you have the capability)
  • Assisting in the installation and configuration of our software
  • Assisting customers if finding specific, relevant, and useful documentation
  • Help add to documentation and keep it updated
  • Watching and responding to social media communications related to Shopp support
  • Regularly participating in support team discussions in our Shopp IRC channel

You said I can work from home, what will I need?

You will need:

  • Your own modern (< 3yr old) Windows, Mac, or Linux PC or Laptop (we’re Mac people nudge nudge)
  • High-speed internet access
  • Cell phone with texting capability
  • Great communication skills

What exactly do you mean by contract support?

You are not an employee of Ingenesis Limited, but rather paid under a contract work agreement for the amount of work you accomplish each month. The time of day you work is very flexible (just let us know what your life needs are), although we need regular and consistent coverage each day.

Being a freelance contractor, you’ll have the freedom to come and go as you need. Whether you have extra free time to spend on support, or you have huge deadlines ahead of you and can’t spend much time, you’re able to do so. All you need to do is let us know what you’re schedule looks like when we send out our weekly situation reports.

What do I need to know coming in to this job?

Ok, so although technical aptitude is important, and we’ll get to that, professionalism and communication skills are really key. We need to know that you can communicate well with our customers, whether in the written word, or verbally, and feel comfortable that we are being well represented and that our customers are being cared for. Technical writing skills are a plus.

Here are the professionalism requirements we expect from you:

  • Ability to take criticism from a customer (even unfair criticism), and remain professional.
  • Ability to stay calm and collected under pressure.
  • Ability to empathize with customers, and communicate your awareness of their emotions always. Our customers must know that their feelings are understood and valid, even if their judgements are not. You must always try to be the better person.
  • Ability to communicate back with customers in a way that demonstrates understanding of their issues.
  • Ability to stay light-hearted, and remain patient, friendly, outgoing, helpful, and personable with customers.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively the action you will be performing, and the actions required from the customer to help them.

Ok, great, now what technical things do I need to know?

For this position, it is important to stress that we are willing to mold you and train you into a decent and competent tech. You don’t need to be an expert to take this job (although experts are welcome to apply). What follows is a list of some knowledge areas, and these are not so much solid requirements, as they are guidelines for knowing whether or not you are a quick and easy fit. If you don’t have these specific disciplines, but believe you have good technical aptitude with computers, don’t despair. Make a case for it, tell us about your background, and we’ll consider you.

Here are some knowledge areas that demonstrate technical aptitude relevant to this job:

  • You believe in working smarter, not harder.
  • You have amateur to intermediate knowledge in area of computer science
  • You have amateur to intermediate familiarity with foundational web-based client/server technologies.
  • You have amateur to intermediate familiarity with internet client software for use in common web (and other) internet protocols.
  • You have amateur to intermediate familiarity with popular desktop operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, and their server equivalents.
  • Comfortable personal and frequent use of popular web browsers, such as IE, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, etc.
  • Comfortable personal and frequent use of internet based social media.
  • Comfortable personal and frequent use of online shopping sites.

Let’s say, hypothetically, that I already have the perfect set of skills, knowledge, and background to do this job (the holy grail of support persons)… What would those be?

Ok, we know you aren’t out there, and if you were, we wouldn’t be able to afford you, but it still is useful for you see what types of skills, which you might happen to have one or two of, that would put you ahead of the game. Also, these are the kind of things we hope to foster in you before you call it quits on this type of work, and go on to bigger and better things:

  • You have a passionate love of free and open source software. You just get it, and want to spread the word that there is a better way for the world to use their computers.
  • You know the difference between GPL, BSD, and APL.
  • You have a background in technical writing, and have done extensive public speaking.
  • You are a good sales person.
  • You have experience with technical troubleshooting.
  • You have worked with e-commerce software before.
  • You have installed, configured, and used Linux/Unix/Windows servers as web servers.
  • You know how to configure Apache or IIS.
  • You know how to read and write standards compliant HTML and CSS.
  • You know how to turn a photoshop design into clean, human-readable markup and stylesheets, and a set of images.
  • You know how to read, write, and modify PHP code, as well as Javascript code.
  • You have used the jQuery framework.
  • You understand what CGI is in web-development, and how it is accessed in PHP
  • You know what AJAX is, and have programmed code to use it.
  • You have setup a MySQL database before, and know how to read and write SQL queries for it, and understand an SQL schema.
  • You have experience reading and writing in an object-oriented language.
  • You know how to write an effective bug report, where developers can quickly reproduce the bug conditions and discover the cause.
  • You have used WordPress extensively, and have written a theme or plugin for it.
  • You have used Shopp extensively, and have customized theme templates, or written a WordPress plugin for it.

Well, there it is. If this sounds good to you, you know what to do.

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