A Purchase Notification Could Not Be Sent


An admin level error that occurs when an order email notification fails because the template file the notification system was trying to use is missing from the Shopp content templates.

Error Message

A purchase notification could not be sent because the template for it does not exist.

Known Causes

This error only appears in the Shopp site log in the ShoppSetupSystem screen when Error Logging is set to Admin Messages or higher.

It occurs when an order event email notification is attempted such as at the success of a new order. A successful new order is one that has been created with, at a minimum, payment authorization from the payment processor.

If the email-order.php template is missing from the current Shopp content templates this error will be logged.


Automatically Restore the Template

  1. Navigate to ShoppSetupPresentation settings
  2. If Shopp content templates are missing from your theme, the Reinstall Missing Templates button will appear.
  3. Click the Reinstall Missing Templates to restore the missing email-order.php from the built-in Shopp templates

Manually Copy the Missing Template

  1. Locate the built-in template file email-order.php in your Shopp installation (.../wp-content/plugins/shopp/templates/)
  2. Copy the order-email.php template file (and if it is also missing, the email.css stylesheet) to your theme’s shopp/ content template directory (.../wp-content/themes/{active-theme}/shopp/)

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A Purchase Notification Could Not Be Sent
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