Activation Fatal Error – ImageSetting not found


In some environments, a Fatal Error occurs on activation for a missing ImageSetting class.


Upon attempting to activate Shopp in the WordPress admin, the following error occurs:

Error Message(s)

Fatal error: Class 'ImageSetting' not found in shopp/core/flow/Install.php on line 294


This problem has been seen in the following configuration, but may occur in others.

Shopp Version: 1.2
WordPress Version: 3.2.1
PHP version: 5.2.1
Web Browser: Irrelevant
Web Server: Apache
Server OS: Linux

Known Causes

When the default image settings are configured on activation, the setup code that is needed is unavailable in some scenarios.

Troubleshooting/Solution/Work Arounds

Locate the following line around line 867 of shopp/core/model/Assets.php in Shopp 1.2:

if ( !class_exists('RegistryFramework') ) return;

Change it to read:

if ( !class_exists('RegistryManager') ) return;

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Activation Fatal Error – ImageSetting not found
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