Broken JavaScript Errors


WordPress plugins all share a common operating environment, and part of that environment exists in JavaScript within the browser. Unfortunately, when particularly bad JavaScript makes its way into a released plugin, it can kill JavaScript for all the other plugins.


The most devious of these errors are parse errors. Under normal circumstances, a parse error in a JavaScript file stops the script dead in its tracks and no further scripts are run. In the context of Shopp, if another plugin loads its broken script ahead of Shopp, none of Shopp’s scripts will run consequently breaking a lot of funcitonality that makes Shopp work.

Shopp is setup to report these errors as a notice at the top of admin pages to let you know that a plugin is activated with broken JavaScript. Since the error is coming from other plugins, nothing can be done in Shopp to make it work. If you want to continue using Shopp, you will have to deactivate the offending plugins, or upgraded to them to a newer version that does not have JavaScript errors.


Unfortunately, there is no way for Shopp to know and report which plugin is actually causing the error. To determine which active plugin is causing the problem you will need to selectively deactivate plugins, one at a time and reload one of the Shopp admin pages with the notice to see if the notice goes away. The best approach is the following:

  • Load a Shopp admin page with the notice in your browser
  • Open a new browser tab (or new window) with your WordPress Admin → Plugins → Installed screen
  • Deactivate a plugin, switch to your Shopp admin page tab (or window) and reload it
  • If the error notice disappears, you’ve found the offending plugin – note the name and version and add it to the Shopp Compatibility List.
  • If you want to be really nice: reactivate the bad plugin, grab the errors out of your browser’s error console and report them to the plugin author so they can fix it in their next release

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Broken JavaScript Errors
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