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Fixing Missing Titles on Shopp 1.2 Pages

If page titles aren’t showing up for Shopp “virtual” pages like Cart, Checkout, Account, etc. Try adding this snippet to your theme’s functions.php file: add_filter(‘wp_title’, ‘title_fix’,1000,1); function title_fix ($title) { if ( 0 == strlen($title) ) { while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); $new_title = get_the_title(); endwhile; rewind_posts(); return $new_title; } else { return $title;…

Transparent Images are not Rendering Correctly

Summary When using transparent images (e.g. *.png, *.gif) in Shopp’s product’s, the images will appear fine in the admin interface. However, on the front-end, the images will appear distorted. This issue is related to bug #1754. Workaround To fix the image distortion, you will want to manually set the sharpness of the gallery images to…

Shopp Storefront product collection pages stripped in Genesis Themes

Shopp storefront pages do not render functional products listings in some Genesis themes.

Theme Tag Syntax Error

shopp() theme tag syntax error: no object property specified.

Gallery Image Not Positioned Correctly

The product image gallery is not positioned in the page layout correctly. Typically the product preview image of the product gallery is pushed down below where it appears it should be, leaving a large amount of empty space.

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