Errors Knowledge Base

The Credit Card Expiration Date You Provided Has Already Expired

The credit card expiration date you provided has already expired.

You Did Not Enter the Year the Credit Card Expires

You did not enter the year the credit card expires.

The Credit Card Number You Provided is Invalid

The credit card number you provided is invalid.

You Did Not Select a Credit Card Type

You did not select a credit card type.

You Did Not Provide a Credit Card Number

You did not provide a credit card number.

Transaction Failed – Could Not Achieve a Transaction Lock

A transaction error that appears during checkout causing the order to fail.

Order Could Not Be Created Because of a Technical Problem on the Server

The order could not be created because of a technical problem on the server. Please try again, or contact the website administrator.

Payment Information for This Order is Missing

Payment information for this order is missing.

The Product Could Not Be Added To the Cart Because it Could Not Be Found

The product could not be added to the cart because it could not be found.

The E-mail Could Not Be Sent.

The e-mail could not be sent.

There is No User Registered with That Email Address

There is no user registered with that email address.

Promotion Code Has Already Been Applied

“code” has already been applied.

Promotion Code is Not a Valid Code.

“code” is not a valid code.

No Additional Codes Can Be Applied

No additional codes can be applied.

File Cannot Be Downloaded – Could Not Be Verified

“” cannot be downloaded because your computer could not be verified as the system the file was purchased from.

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