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No images appear in webshop after update

summary After you update the Shopp plugin, no images appear in your webshop. In the administration section the thumbnails display fine. solution Refresh your permalinks. In your WordPress admin go to Settings -> Permalinks. It should be enough to just visit the page but you can hit ‘Save Changes’ just to be sure.

Hot Link Protection Can Break Images over HTTPS

Using hot link protection on a website could trigger 404 errors for website images.

$$ in the wp-config.php may break Shopp images on website

When a set of $$ appear in the wp-config.php authentication unique keys and salts, this will break images on the site.

Transparent Images are not Rendering Correctly

Summary When using transparent images (e.g. *.png, *.gif) in Shopp’s product’s, the images will appear fine in the admin interface. However, on the front-end, the images will appear distorted. This issue is related to bug #1754. Workaround To fix the image distortion, you will want to manually set the sharpness of the gallery images to…

File Uploads Generate HTTP Error 406

This is caused by particularly aggressive security configurations by web hosting companies for Apache’s mod_security module.

Nginx Rewrite Rule for Shopp Images

Since nginx does’t use .htaccess rules like Apache does, you have to do a little extra configuring to get nginx to route all image requests through Shopp’s built-in image server.

Broken Images on Windows Server

Images upload to the server correctly and are stored into the configured storage engine, but show up as broken images on the web site.

Installing the GD Library for PHP

The GD library is a graphics drawing library that provides tools for manipulating image data. In Shopp, the GD library is used to process images for generating gallery preview and thumbnail size images automatically.

Image Upload Stalls Over SSL

When trying to upload an image to the product editor over SSL, the upload stalls.

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