Installing & Updating Knowledge Base

Activation Fails With Blank Page

Attempting to activate Shopp fails, and displays a blank page. Blank pages with WordPress typically represent fatal errors in PHP.

SuPHP Permission Issues

With the introduction of Shopp 1.1, there are at least two PHP scripts that must run indepently of the WordPress environment, requiring proper permission configurations when using security modules such as suPHP.

Unable To Save Products With Large Amount of Variations

When saving a large number variations onto a product or category, all variations do not save.

Creating A New PHPInfo File

PHP includes a function known as phpinfo() that provides a formatted page of information regarding your PHP/web server hosting environment.

Web Hosting PHP5 Support

Several web hosts claim to offer PHP 4 and PHP 5 support while offering PHP 4 by default. This is due to a specific approach that can serve PHP 4 and PHP 5 concurrently on the same Apache server using FastCGI.

Installing the GD Library for PHP

The GD library is a graphics drawing library that provides tools for manipulating image data. In Shopp, the GD library is used to process images for generating gallery preview and thumbnail size images automatically.

Fatal Error When Activating Shopp

Errors like these normally occur when trying to activate Shopp on web hosting that does not provide PHP version 5.0+.

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