File Cannot Be Downloaded – Could Not Be Verified


Customers attempting to download a file they have purchased access to receive an error their computer could not be verified.


"" cannot be downloaded because your computer could not be verified as the system the file was purchased from.

Known Causes

This error occurs when the Shopp install is setup to use download restrictions with the IP Restriction setting Restrict to the computer the product is purchased from is enabled. This setting only allows downloads from the same IP address the original order was created from.

The IP Restriction setting can be an unreliable protection mechanism because the same computer that was used to create an order may receive an IP address dynamically, meaning the IP address can be changed. This can effectively lock out the customer from accessing their downloads.


In cases where this error is occurring regularly, it is best to disable the IP Restriction setting. It can be found in the ShoppSetupPreferences.

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File Cannot Be Downloaded – Could Not Be Verified
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