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In a lot of shared hosting environments, what looks to be the full path of a folder is not necessarily the correct full path. The good news is that there is a quick way to find this information. The full file path is required when setting up file system product and image storage outside the /wp-content folder.


Create a new PHP file named path.php. Inside this PHP file place the following code and save the file.

<?php echo getcwd(); ?>

Now, just place this file within the directory that you wish to find the full file path for and call it via your web browser. So if you placed the file wp-content/plugins/shopp/storage. You would call

This will print out the exact path to this folder, now just copy and paste what this prints out to your Shopp->Settings->System – Image Storage text box and save.

Remember to delete this file when you’re done!

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Find Full File Path
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  1. Note, you can use the relative path to your wp-content directory in your file storage settings in Shopp.

    In the above example, you could use simply plugins/shopp/storage/ instead, and get the same results as the full-path, with the additional benefit of having a portable path. In other words, if you migrate the site to a new host, the exact path in the setting doesn’t have to match. Only the relative path does.

    Also, it is bad practice to store anything in your Shopp plugin directory, as automatic upgrades to the plugin will destroy your files.


    September 13th   #

  2. I recommend storing Shopp assets in a subfolder within the wp-content/uploads folder.

    For example:


    If you use WordPress media, then you’ll notice this location is quite familiar.

    June 7th   #

  3. The flow to find the settings aren’t quite right. In 1.3, it’s Shopp –> System –> Storage, or jump to /wp-admin/admin.php?page=shopp-system-storage in the WordPress manager and update the path there.

    March 20th   #

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