How to use Quick Cache with Shopp

Quick Cache is a caching plugin for WordPress. When set up correctly, it can speed up your website which provides for a better browsing experience for your users.

It works by keeping copies of static content available for quick delivery when requested.

As Shopp is a dynamic experience — it should not be cached.

Keep Shopp Pages Dynamic

First you’ll want to set up Quick Cache with your settings. Then we can go back and set the exceptions for Shopp.

From the WordPress AdminQuick CacheConfig Options

Then find the No-Cache URI Patterns section which appears as such:

Now add the exceptions for your Shopp which includes your Shopp WordPress pages — catalog, cart, checkout, and account:

Note: in our example above, we are using the default Shopp WordPress pages. If you have renamed your Shopp WordPress pages (boutique, store, webshop, etc) then please enter those. Then clear the cache.

Your WordPress & Shopp are now set up to work with Quick Cache!

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How to use Quick Cache with Shopp
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  1. Hi ,

    Don’t cache URL pattern option is not available in quick cache plugin.

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