Image Upload Stalls Over SSL


When trying to upload an image to the product editor over SSL, the upload stalls.

Known Causes

The most common reason we have found that the Flash-based SWF upload fails when uploading over SSL is that the flash component refuses to establish an SSL connection to an unsigned certificate, or if any SSL error exists on the connection to the server.


You can see the upload in progress in a error log display at the bottom of the product editor by enabling the SHOPP_IMAGEUPLOAD_DEBUG macro.

In you wp-config.php file, add the following line to enable debugging.


This problem is usually accompanied by the generic error (which can be seen in the log after enabling the above macro):
IO Error : File ID: SWFUpload_1_0. IO Error: Error #2038

This is a generic network connection error that comes from the flash player.


  • If possible, load the product editor over HTTP, instead of HTTPS, and upload again.
  • Disable the flash uploader in your System settings
  • Correct an SSL errors on your wp-admin page.

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Image Upload Stalls Over SSL
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